Local Businesses Team Up to Provide a Leg for a Local Student in Need | Please HELP!

Rachel GoodsonMeet 25-year-old Rachael Goodson.

Her Mom, Jody Goodson, has been a long time customer, and friend of a Jacksonville AAMCO Transmission center owner, which is how we came to know about Rachael’s situation. Rachael has been struggling her entire life with Neurofibromatosis, a genetically inherited disorder of the nervous system that causes tumors to form on nerves in the body at any time and may cause abnormalities.

Because of this disease, Rachael recently had to have her right leg amputated. Rachael starts school in just 2 short weeks, so she needs the prosthetic right away.

The Jacksonville area AAMCO Transmissions owners established their “We Care Repair” charitable initiative years ago to provide car repairs for those in need, but unable to afford the repairs, as selected by Daniel Kids. Now we want to help fix Rachael Goodson in her time of need. In that spirit, your local AAMCO Transmission owners are donating $2,000 through the go-fund-me page set up on her behalf: www.gofundme.com/rachaelsjourney.

For more information about Rachael’s story and how to donate, please visit the go-fund-me page. Racheal has also been writing a blog since her decision to amputate her leg. If you would like to read about the experience written from Rachael’s heart and in her own words, follow this link: www.becomingcopacetic.com

On behalf of Rachael Goodson and her family, we thank you for your support!


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AAMCO Franchise of Lafayette Receives Small Business of the Month Award From Greater Lafayette Commerce Committee

AAMCO’s Lafayette, Indiana service center has been recognized by the Greater Lafayette Commerce Committee for their dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Owned by AAMCO franchisees Tom and Tricia Eden, the AAMCO Franchise in Lafayette has gone above and beyond to provide support its local community, donating time and more than $30,000 to local charities and nonprofit organizations over the past 12 years while continuously growing their business.

“My wife and I are incredibly honored to be chosen as the Small Business of the Month in Lafayette,” said Tom Eden, AAMCO of Lafayette franchisee. “Our AAMCO center was founded on three building blocks: positive customer experience, pro-employee business philosophy and a desire to help others through personal acts and charitable giving. Because we place an emphasis on these areas, we’ve been able to grow our business while still giving back to the community.”

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski and State Representative Sheila Klinker honored the Edens with the award at a ceremony earlier this month. The Edens are committed to giving back to their local community. Most recently, they sponsored a young equestrian in the 2016 Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair horse competition – their sponsored rider took home the Blue Ribbon!  On several occasions, the Edens have paid for customer repairs and driven customers to their destinations. In addition, AAMCO of Lafayette offers discounts to both active and retired military personnel.

The Edens opened the AAMCO of Lafayette in 2004 after years of searching for the right franchise opportunity to fit their needs. The owners have lived in the surrounding area for more than 25 years and are part of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and Lafayette Business to Business. Before joining AAMCO, Tom worked as an engineer and then plant manager for 20 years, while Tricia raised their four children and assisted with the daily operations for the AAMCO center.

“We’re incredibly proud of the Edens for their dedication to the continued growth of their center and community involvement,” said Rob Rajkowski, chief operating officer at AAMCO Transmission, Inc. “The Edens have grown their business by more than 30 percent in the second quarter of this year, which is a true testament to their dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience.”

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Franchise Owners Thomas and Ronda Scott Go Above and Beyond to Help Local Military Veterans in Need

AAMCO’s Tulsa, Oklahoma service centers have been recognized by the Ernest Childers Tulsa chapter of The Military Order of the Purple Heart for their dedication to the local veteran community. Owned by AAMCO’s largest franchisee, Thomas and Ronda Scott, the AAMCO Franchise in Tulsa, which is managed by Ron Smith, has been providing heavily discounted services to veterans in the community for more than a year.

“When Ron first received a call from The Military Order of the Purple Heart about a Purple Heart recipient who needed a new transmission, we knew we had to help,” said Ronda Scott, franchisee. “Since then, we’ve helped about ten other veterans in our local community who had car trouble, including replacing one car completely. At AAMCO, we are strong supporters of the U.S. military and feel it’s our duty to say thank you in any way possible to those who selflessly serve our country.”

The Military Order of the Purple Heart was formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest of all who have received the decoration. Composed exclusively of Purple Heart recipients, it is the only veterans service organization comprised strictly of “combat” veterans.

The Scotts initially purchased the existing AAMCO service center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in November 2013, and acquired a second location in the market less than six months later. The entrepreneurs quickly transformed the two units into valued businesses, which are now the top performing service centers in the region. The team has received various accolades for their outstanding achievements from the company, including bottom line improvement, customer service and performance since their start with the brand in 2013. Their success is built on morale – they strive to build value in their nearly 50 employees and aim for advanced customer service throughout all of their locations.

“We’re incredibly proud of the initiative and dedication that the Scotts and their center manager Ron Smith have shown to their local community,” said Rob Rajkowski, chief operating officer at AAMCO Transmission, Inc. “Many of AAMCO’s franchise owners voluntarily give back to the communities they serve, and we’re dedicated to supporting them and their local charitable initiatives.”

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Local Husband-and-Wife Team Relocate Existing Pennsylvania Facility to New, Larger Service Center

AAMCO Franchise, the world’s largest transmission specialists and leader in total car care, announced today its new Bristol, Pennsylvania location will host a grand opening celebration on Saturday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2520 Durham Road. The celebration will include an on-site appearance and music from one of Philadelphia’s top-rated radio stations, refreshments, various prize giveaways and bounce house for kids. In addition, the grand opening will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony and the unveiling of a dedicated parking spot for wounded warriors.

The owners, Sam and Sherri Underland, relocated their AAMCO franchise on Bristol-Emilie Road to a new, larger service center, which features 10 bays, including two quick lube bays. The location will serve customers from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday. Additional Sunday and evening hours will be added in the coming months.

“Over the last 14 years, Sam and I have had the pleasure of providing the community with total car care service, and we are excited to share this special occasion with local residents and dignitaries,” said Sherri Underland. “The new location will allow us to better serve the community, and provide even more customers superior service for all of their automotive needs.”

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Franchise Owner Gary Denton Rebuilds Powered Wheelchairs for Local Military Veterans in Need

Today AAMCO announced its local Prescott Valley, Arizona, franchise owner has formed the Wheels of Freedom Project, a not-for-profit entity dedicated to providing electric wheelchairs to disabled veterans in the community. Founded by Gary Denton, owner of the AAMCO of Prescott Valley, the Wheels of Freedom project is an effort to enhance the quality of life of local veterans with physical disabilities.

The Wheels of Freedom Project began when Denton found a powered wheelchair in disrepair at the existing AAMCO service center he had purchased in July 2015. Using the tools from his repair shop, Denton set out to refurbish the wheelchair so he could provide it to someone in need.

“I knew that I wanted to donate the chair to someone who truly needed it for enhancing their quality of life,” said Denton, franchisee. “It was fate when Larry Jacobs and Larry Gray from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a military outreach program, walked into my AAMCO shop. They helped me find the perfect recipient of the chair, which was given to Army veteran Robert Martens.”

Martens is in need of a kidney and pancreas transplant and can only walk a few feet at a time. Earlier this year, the veteran was presented with the refurbished powered wheelchair. Denton was so moved by the experience that he chose to create the Wheels of Freedom Project the very next day. The organization is currently raising money to apply to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity with the Internal Revenue Service and State of Arizona. To donate to the Wheels of Freedom Project, visit their Go Fund Me page and to learn more, visit www.WheelsofFreedomProject.org or their Facebook page.

“We’re incredibly proud of the initiative and dedication that Gary Denton has shown to his local community through the Wheels of Freedom Project,” said Rob Rajkowski, COO at AAMCO Transmission, Inc. “Many of AAMCO’s franchise owners voluntarily give back to the communities they serve, and we’re dedicated to helping support our franchisees and their local charitable initiatives.”

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World's Largest Franchise of Transmission Specialists Receives National Recognition for Training Program

AAMCO Franchise, the world’s largest chain of transmission specialists and leader in total car care, has been named as one of Chief Learning Officer’s (CLO) 2016 LearningElite award winners for its comprehensive learning and development program. CLO’s LearningElite is a robust, peer-reviewed ranking and benchmarking program that acknowledges organizations employing exemplary workforce development strategies and delivering significant business results.

“We are very honored to be part of such a prestigious ranking and recognized for our contributions to the professional development and training industry,” said Brett Ponton, CEO and president of American Driveline and AAMCO Transmission, Inc. “Training continues to be a strong focus for our company and one of the reasons why AAMCO remains at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket industry. As the franchisor, it is our mission to set up our franchise owners and their employees for success by providing the very best training and educational resources, while building and protecting our brand’s reputation among current and prospective customers.”

As part of the annual ranking, AAMCO was named among more than 70 other national organizations across various industries. The news comes on the heels of the first anniversary of the company’s state-of-the-art training facility, AAMCO University. AAMCO’s training curriculum includes over 300 comprehensive training courses designed for its franchise owners, customer service managers and technicians.

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AAMCO Franchise Offers "Spring Cleaning"Tips For Improving Your Car's Performance

April is National Car Care Month and AAMCO, the world's largest chain of transmission specialists and a leader in total car care, is helping car and truck owners get their vehicles running at peak performance in time for the spring season.

“With winter behind us, now is the best time to give our vehicles some extra attention,” said AAMCO VP of Technical Support Bruce Chidsey. “This is not only crucial for extending the lifetime of the vehicle, but also for the safety of other drivers and passengers that share the road. At AAMCO, the well-being of our customers and their cars and trucks will always remain our top priority.”

The following are some spring maintenance tips to get vehicles ready for the warm seasons ahead:

  1. Inspect Tires – Check tires for wear, damage and proper air pressure. This should include checking the tire tread depth by placing a quarter into the grooves of the tire tread. Washington’s head should be fully covered, otherwise, consider replacing the tires. Don’t forget to check that the spare tire is in good shape, as well.
  1. Scrub and Clean the Exterior and Interior –Protect the vehicle’s paint with a thorough cleaning to remove all of the salts and other winter debris. Vacuum and clean the interior rugs and upholstery to remove any winter residue; don’t forget about the trunk – no space is spared from winter grime.  It is also a good idea to keep a first aid kit in the trunk for any roadside emergencies.
  1. Change Wiper Blades – Wiper blades endure a great deal of wear and tear during the winter season and should be changed in the spring. If left unchecked, the worn out blades could cause streaks and smears, as well as scratches that could damage the windshield and impair visibility.
  1. Clean the Battery – Built-up dirt and debris on the battery and terminals can drain its power. The battery can be cleaned using baking soda and either a toothbrush or battery terminal cleaner. Keep in mind a vehicle’s battery has a five-year shelf life.
  1. Examine the Brakes and Engine – Check to see if your vehicle’s engine oil and filter need to be changed, and be sure to have the front and rear brake pads, as well as, brake fluids checked for wear or damage.

In addition to these tips, it is also important to check the owner’s manual for required factory maintenance and consult a professional technician to perform any of those services.


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