AAMCO 50 Cars in 50 States, in Texas!

Sgt. Robert Griffin and his family picked up their newly repaired truck on Monday from the AAMCO service center in Killeen,Texas at 4110 East Veterans Memorial Boulevard, where the services were provided free of charge.

Steve Eulenberg, AAMCO Dallas, Sgt. Robert E. Griffin, Chapter Adjutant Richard ” Rocky” Hernandez who nominated Griffin.
On Right: Kathy S. Younker, Owner, AAMCO Transmissions in Killeen and Chapter Commander Earl Williams, and Past Department Commander John Footman, all of Chapter 1876 in Harker Heights, Texas.

Griffin was the second veteran to receive complimentary vehicle repairs as part of the AAMCO ‘50 Cars in 50 States’ anniversary program. The local AAMCO team repaired Sgt. Griffin’s transmission, air conditioning, shocks, steering and lighting. Additional services were performed to ensure Sgt. Griffin’s vehicle will continue to serve him and his family for years to come.

Sgt.Griffin and Kathy S. Younker, Owner, AAMCO Transmissions in Killeen next to his newly-repaired Chevy Silverado

Griffin returned from his third and final tour of duty in Iraq in 2009. He earned a Purple Heart after being injured by an IED in 2006. Until recently, Griffin handled all of his own car repairs. But the effects of combat have taken their toll.  The Military Order of the Purple Heart‚ Centex Chapter 1876 nominated Griffin for the program.

“I’m kind of in awe,” stated Griffin when viewing his repaired car. “I never expected this kind of help.”

Kathy S. Younker, Owner, AAMCO Transmissions in Killeen, Sgt. Griffin and her repair team: Steve Webb, Louie Caraballa, Gordon Mitchell, Steve Moore.

Read more in the Killeen Daily Herald: bit.ly/Orc4qM

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