Outstanding service from Dennis & his team in Washington, PA

I want to comment on the outstanding service that I received from Dennis Buddenhagen and his Aamco team in Washington, PA. Last Thursday, my son and I were driving from Long Island, New York, to central Illinois when our truck broke down on Interstate 70 in Washington. The first two shops we called told us that they couldn’t repair us until 1 and 3 WEEKS later, respectively. When we called Dennis, he said that that he could get us in on that same day, and also recommended a towing company. We were towed to his shop, which already had several vehicles up on lifts and even more parked outside. Our problem was worse than we had originally diagnosed, but Dennis said that he could still fix it and get us back on the road the following day, or two days at the latest. He drove us to a hotel. After they started the repair, additional damage was found, so one of the mechanics was sent on a 60-mile round-trip to Pittsburgh so that our drive shaft could be repaired. Dennis picked us up from the hotel, and then kept the shop open another 90 minutes after his regular closing time so that he could help us get on our way again. If the Aamco home office offers any recognition for outstanding service, I would recommend Dennis and his team as worthy recipients.
-Dan H, NY

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