AAMCO Customers: A note in regards to AAMCO advertising on the Rush Limbaugh radio program.

AAMCO stores are locally owned and operated, and each, therefore make advertising purchasing decisions at their own discretion.

However, after many requests online from groups and individuals who have continuously posted about the controversial content on the Rush Limbaugh program, AAMCO investigated where local centers were advertising on Rush Limbaugh programming. The program was not specifically selected by any local AAMCO center, but was part of a broad program rotation in two local markets. Because of this, AAMCO has since requested to those markets that the Limbaugh program be removed from the ad rotation, therefore making an exception to its local policy.

With this request made, we cannot guarantee 100% stoppage, but we do anticipate a significant drop in AAMCO airings on the Rush Limbaugh program.

We hope, with our response, that we have attended to our customers who may be offended by such programming and the AAMCO advertising surrounding that program.

We thank you for being loyal AAMCO customers, and we will continue to provide you with great customer service.

Best Regards,
The AAMCO Customer Service team

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