AAMCO Customers: A note in regards to AAMCO advertising.

AAMCO Customers:

Recently AAMCO has been the subject of a petition created on MoveOn.org in regards to advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

We feel it is important to tell you that AAMCO is not a national network advertiser and does not directly control the placement of advertising on any medium. We have checked with our local affiliates who purchase advertisements for their local cooperatives and have confirmed that none of them purchased specific advertising or sponsorships on Rush Limbaugh’s radio programming.

Local AAMCO affiliates often purchase Run of Station commercials because they are more cost-effective. Through this format, advertisers are only guaranteed how many times their commercial will air with no guarantees of when it will actually air. Therefore, we have little control over this placement. However, to help remedy this issue, we have instructed our media buying agency to avoid placing AAMCO advertising in these rotations that would include the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Further, we have requested that the creator of the petition on MoveOn.org take down the page and send a retraction to the signed petitioners communicating that AAMCO does not support or endorse any specific program or broadcast media content, including the Rush Limbaugh Show.

We value you as a customer and we appreciate your support and feedback.

The AAMCO Customer Service Team

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