Trust Through Transparency at AAMCO Garden City Park, NY

One recent AAMCO convert is Steve Epstein of Long Island. Steve’s daughter had the transmission go out in her ’91 Taurus and Steve called a number of transmission shops for advice. “I did not feel comfortable with the first 2 shops I called”, reports Steve, “the managers were either cold, rude or callous. Then I called AAMCO and Ken Berry introduced himself as the owner of the business. Ken was the only gentleman that allowed me to explain my situation and ask questions. He offered me options and even asked me to take time to consider my options and call him back when I made my decision. I called Ken the next day and told him to order the AAMCO Factory Certified Transmission.”

Ken attests to the fact that. “It is much easier to build trust with transparency.” Ken suggests. “So we provide a firm price quote on every transmission that requires rebuilding along with our teardown quote. Our customers know up front how much a factory certified unit will cost and also understand that they have the option of having our techs rebuild their unit here for less. It’s a winning combination. Not only are our customers comfortable with us, but they also perceive us as the true professionals that we know we can be.”

Steve Epstein agrees. “Here is how I would describe Ken Berry,” writes Mr. Epstein, “He is dedicated, intelligent, compassionate, sincere, knowledgeable, warm, friendly , honest and a professional in every sense of the word. In this day and age, people are basically lazy and are concerned with themselves. People such as Ken are rare indeed. He goes the extra mile to please his customer and should be a role model for all new owners of AAMCO centers.”

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