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AAMCO is pleased to share a story of generosity from one of its Jacksonville, Florida center owners.

Cassandra Brownlee is a mother of two sons, ages nine and 14, who both have special needs and require regular medical attention. She is client of Daniel Kids, which provides therapeutic assistance for one of her sons. When Brownlee’s transmission … Continue reading

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I am having problems with the transfer case in my AWD for my 1999 Ford Explorer, it is cranking and slipping, what could be the cause?

Bruce says: Your Ford most likely is not disengaging/engaging correctly with your 4WD. The specialists at AAMCO are experienced in diagnosing problems such as this one occurring with your Ford Explorer. Call AAMCO to at 1-(800) 462-2626 to schedule a diagnosis. … Continue reading

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The AC in my 1998 Ford Explorer is blowing out cold air when it is set for hot, what could be wrong?

Bruce says: The mostly likely cause for this would be that you need a new heater box. This problem could be pricey, AAMCO can help you get the best deal to get your Ford heating up inside. AAMCO runs free … Continue reading

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Hello, the ABS in my 2002 Ford Explorer keeps kicking at very low speeds.

Bruce says: Most times an ABS system will trigger incorrectly under the following conditions, a dirty wheel speed sensor, a cracked or loose tone ring, a worn wheel bearing or a problem with the wire harness between any of the … Continue reading

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